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Old Sanatorium


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Hacienda de los Olivos is a project to rebuild an ancient house in Croatia. 

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Casa Grande

This house is part of the old sanatorium, which opened its doors for the first time approximately 300 years ago for guest service. It was currently rebuilt and remodeled in its interiors, to provide a warm and industrial look, which perfectly combines touches of modernity and its original elements such as some walls, ornamental elements, niches, as well as its majestic handmade ceiling, which was restored and integrated into the design of the house.

Hacienda de los Olivos casa grande 2.jpg
Hacienda de los Olivos Casa grande.png
Hacienda de los olivos Casa Victoria.jpg

Casa Victoria

When analyzing the original structures of the house we realized that the most important structural wall divided the old Sanatorium into two areas, for which we decided to respect its original construction and propose an area and individual apartment that can work perfectly for a small family, couple or group of friends.


Our Casa Victoria also respects the historical elements of the place such as niches, a small area that we have framed and that belonged to the original tapestry, as well as the typical wooden structures of the original upper rooms. Much of the wood that covers the windows has existed since its construction, so even though it is an ornament, it has been treated but continues with its natural deterioration.

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