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Hacienda de los Olivos located in Istria Central, Croatia is an old construction of more than 300 years. It was divided into two buildings that origins in old Croatia, formed by influences Italian, Serbia, German and Slovenian.

This antique Hacienda, which is currently under reconstruction, will be ready again to open its doors to vacationers in July 2021.

The story tells us that in its origins Hacienda de los Olivos was an antique Sanatorium or resting house, which was in the hands of religious groups

In this property we have found samples that strengthen this part of its history for example: a welcome stained-glass window of a virgin of which its origins are unknown for sure, but we know from the research of the area that could correspond to Orthodox origins, we have also found a very old baptism table, as well as many medicinal trees that in conjunction with its privileged location and clean air corroborate us which is a perfect place for rest.


Our name

Hacienda de los Olivos has taken this name in Spanish since the family to which it currently belongs is a multicultural German-Mexican family, which does not want to set a side its origins, as well as wants to make emphasis on Croatia's importance in the production of Olive oil in the world.

Being one of our dreams in the not-too-distant future continue to cultivate the organic olive plantations that we currently have, as well as make new plantations to offer in the future to our guests the experience of the pinch of olive trees, the process of transformation and the tasting of our home oil.

In October 2020 in the publication of the results of the Only International Guide to Olive Oil for Oil of Olive Extra Virgen Flos Olei 2021... 71 high quality oil producers have been recognized and included in it, so Istria for the sixth consecutive time will receive the title of the best region in the world for the production of Olive Oil Extra Virgen.

Our Name


For is rebuilding we have respected each of the main architectural aspects and details that correspond to its essence, giving a small touch of modernity to them inside, since when the site was acquired by the new owners it was practically destroyed.

Hacienda de los Olivos has begun its reconstruction by the main building that is divided into two houses "Casa Grande and Casa Victoria", in which its original structure and view have been respected. In these houses you will find some of its original walls, antique tapestry that today we have framed a part on the wall, as well as in the main bedroom the old and original handmade roof that has been restored to again coat the essence and harmony of the excellent Hacienda de los Olivos.

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